Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs

At FAIRE we firmly believe that the energy and capacity for innovation of refugee and migrant entrepreneurs is a golden opportunity for our country.

Let’s work together!

Our Mission:

  • is to support and empower refugees to become successful entrepreneurs in France.
  • and to promote a new vision and approach of refugees’ role, inclusion and contribution to French society through entrepreneurship.

Our Values:

We seek to embody and demonstrate Impact, Inclusion, Innovation and Integrity in each and every one of our actions.

Refugees have the right not just to survive, but to thrive. As an entrepreneur and political refugee, I know from personal experience that these are qualities shared by entrepreneurs. With FAIRE I will support the development and success of refugee entrepreneurs, helping them become significant drivers of France’s economy within the next 20 years.

Nick Nopporn Suppipat, Entrepreneur and Founder of FAIRE

Board and team

Our Actions:

Faire achieves our mission:

By funding

  • selected refugee entrepreneurs, via 0% loans, that range from 5 000 to 30 000 euros (more info here).
  • existing charitable organisations working with refugee entrepreneurs (more info here).

By contributing

  • to the public debate about the role of refugees in society and how best to include them.


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AGORA 2020: despite the COVID pandemic, the sector remains mobilised for refugee inclusion

On Thursday 8 October, the third edition of AGORA was held, an event organised by the Diair – French Intergovernmental Agency for Integration and Welcoming of Refugees – which rallies all the actors of the sector working for the welcoming and integration of refugees. The edition, entirely held by videoconference because of COVID19, nonetheless saw the participation of more than 150 people and was placed under the theme “French Regions; gateway to successful integration”.

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An interview with Ousmane Bah, founder of Solodou; a new tool to fight against illiteracy

For its new article, FAIRE’s team is proud to feature Ousmane Bah, a talented entrepreneur that we recently have started supporting.
Solodou’s story is inspired by Ousmane’s personal journey to help people learn French.

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What does the economic integration of refugees look like post covid19?

The response to the economic integration of migrants and refugees has historically been based on entry-level jobs. It is a response that answers a call for urgency – for urgent income generation and financial autonomy. Although this response may demonstrate some immediate positive impacts for society, the long term positive impact is questionable.

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