Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs

At FAIRE we firmly believe that the energy and capacity for innovation of refugee and migrant entrepreneurs is a golden opportunity for our country.

Let’s work together!

Our Mission:

  • is to support and empower refugees to become successful entrepreneurs in France.
  • and to promote a new vision and approach of refugees’ role, inclusion and contribution to French society through entrepreneurship.

Our Values:

We seek to embody and demonstrate Impact, Inclusion, Innovation and Integrity in each and every one of our actions.

Refugees have the right not just to survive, but to thrive. As an entrepreneur and political refugee, I know from personal experience that these are qualities shared by entrepreneurs. With FAIRE I will support the development and success of refugee entrepreneurs, helping them become significant drivers of France’s economy within the next 20 years.

Nick Nopporn Suppipat, Entrepreneur and Founder of FAIRE

Board and team

Our Actions:

Faire achieves our mission:

By funding

  • existing organizations working with refugee entrepreneurs, by providing 0% loans, that range from 5 000 to 30 000 euros (more info here).
  • selected refugee entrepreneurs.

By contributing

  • to the public debate about the role of refugees in society and how best to include them.


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Ghaees Alshorbajy : the interview of the first entrepreneur funded by FAIRE

In this new article, the FAIRE team is delighted and proud to share the story of Ghaees, the first entrepreneur to benefit from our loan program. Ghaees is passionate about recycling and thus decided to launch his company KaouKab, helping people transform waste into resources!

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France on a quest : a large-scale study for reconciling the people

Early February, FAIRE attended the launch event of the large-scale study titled, “France on a Quest: the Reconciliation of a Nation Divided,” by Destin Commun, a French offshoot of More In Common. Serving to change mindsets everyday by advancing public debate, our team was profoundly interested in this study, which provides opportunities for open discussion, looking to defuse debates  and build pathways for strengthening unity among the French.

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Card image cap inclusion of refugees in digital technology training

During its first year of operation, FAIRE supported via a donation to the Welcode programme. Let’s take a look at this innovative social business that uses digital technology as a lever for inclusion for populations from underprivileged communities including refugees, who face difficulty finding a job.

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