Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs

At FAIRE we firmly believe that the energy and capacity for innovation of refugee and migrant entrepreneurs is a golden opportunity for our country.

Let’s work together!

Our Mission:

  • is to support and empower refugees to become successful entrepreneurs in France.
  • and to promote a new vision and approach of refugees’ role, inclusion and contribution to French society through entrepreneurship.

Our Values:

We seek to embody and demonstrate Impact, Inclusion, Innovation and Integrity in each and every one of our actions.

Refugees have the right not just to survive, but to thrive. As an entrepreneur and political refugee, I know from personal experience that these are qualities shared by entrepreneurs. With FAIRE I will support the development and success of refugee entrepreneurs, helping them become significant drivers of France’s economy within the next 20 years.

Nick Nopporn Suppipat, Entrepreneur and Founder of FAIRE

Board and team

Our Actions:

Faire achieves our mission:

By funding

  • selected refugee entrepreneurs, via 0% loans in the amount of 20 000 euros (more info here).
  • existing charitable organisations working with refugee entrepreneurs (more info here).

By contributing

  • to the public debate about the role of refugees in society and how best to include them.


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Since January, makesense and Elan Interculturel have been supporting 12 impact projects thanks to the COMBO program

In 2017, with the support of the European Commission, makesense launched the Migrant Entrepreneur project to train and equip entrepreneurs – from migrant backgrounds – in business creation and management methodologies. At the same time, through the Migrapreneurs project, Elan Interculturel aimed to support migrant entrepreneurs in the creation of their professional project by developing their soft skills.

The complementarity of these two projects naturally led to the creation of the COMBO program.

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The Observatory of Refugee Camps, an impactful initiative that sheds light on encamped refugees

We had the chance to meet the O-CR team during a Prototyping Lab hosted by our partner PLACE Network, which they attended in order to test and improve their project. Their idea immediately struck us as both brilliant and necessary: establishing an Observatory of Refugee Camps to better understand, act on, and sound the alarm as to the living conditions in refugee camps.

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Wintegreat has changed its name to Each One with the aim of helping each individual reach his or her potential

You may have already noticed : Wintegreat has changed its name to ‘Each One.’  
If you don’t already know them,  we’re happy to introduce you to a key player in the support ecosystem for the integration of refugees; one that FAIRE has had the pleasure of meeting.

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