Our partners


We are proud to support the 2nd edition of the MEnt program in Paris. It is a pleasure to get to know the talented participants that – in spite of what they faced in order to get to France – are motivated and engaged in their entrepreneurial project.

A global, people-powered community, makesense supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle social issues. In 7 years, makesense has supported 2,800 entrepreneurs, 35,000 citizens and 100 organizations. It is managed by a team of more than 70 people in 8 offices in Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manilla, Beyrouth, Lima, Delhi and Abidjan.

In 2017, makesense’s Paris incubator launched Migrant Entrepreneurs (MEnt), a 6-month incubation program that offers migrant and refugees professional support during the first steps of their entrepreneurship projects in France. MEnt was initiated by a consortium composed of 6 organisations in 5 european countries, under the aegis of the European Commission “Migration and Human Affairs”. Today, 17 entrepreneurs benefit from this program.

The PLACE project was clearly in line with FAIRE’s values, and the fund is delighted to be a part of this innovative experiment that allows migrants and refugees to be the instigators of their own entrepreneurial future.

PLACE is a European project that aims to turn the ‘migrant crisis’ into an opportunity for growth by favouring migrant-led innovation. Their priority is the creation of products, services and new models of leadership by refugees and migrants as well as by the host civil society. PLACE runs innovation labs where newcomers build the projects they need to thrive in Europe. PLACE is operated by a European collective hailing from all sectors and deeply rooted in civil society.

Faire is pleased to support Simplon’s innovative training program that provides refugees access to promising career, and in turn economic independence.

Created in 2015 under the aegis of the FACE Foundation, the Simplon Foundation promotes inclusive tech to disadvantaged populations (young dropouts, job seekers, women, refugees etc.) and places (underprivileged neighbourhoods, rural areas etc.).

In order to support newly-arrived refugees, the Simplon Foundation launched the Refugeeks program, an intensive web development course for refugees, in March of 2016. The objective of the program is to provide refugees access to a highly qualified profession, in sectors where job opportunities are increasing.  The Simplon Foundation offers a free training course including French lessons, that are adapted to the needs of refugees and built in synergy with other actors working in the sector.

The expansion of SINGA’s incubator program – FINKELA- to the city of Lyon is supported by FAIRE. We look forward to seeing first-hand the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lyon and getting to know the participants of the first and second sessions.

SINGA is a citizen movement that connects newcomers and host societies through entrepreneurship, digital and social innovation. By connecting alterities, SINGA unlocks the potential of all people and allows citizens to contribute to the common good.

FAIRE is pleased to support this start-up charity, launched by an alumni of the MEnt program. We look forward to watching the evolution of this ambitious project.

REF was born from the observations of the entrepreneur as an asylum seeker. Newcomers have very little access to information about their rights and about the asylum procedure. They also have few opportunities to be active in society, even though they are motivated and have the necessary skill-sets.

In light of this, REF aims to support newcomers, while giving them the opportunity to be actively engaged by proposing volunteering opportunities, language exchanges, translation work, legal support, and sports activities. The ultimate goal is to promote their social, cultural and professional integration, as well as to promote harmony and mutual aid within French society.


FAIRE was drawn to Techfugees’ innovative programming and is happy to support the organisation’s growth.

Founded in 2015 by Mike Butcher, Techfugees is an impact-driven global organisation aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem of “tech for refugees” solutions & supporting the inclusion of refugees and displaced people in the tech industry.

Thanks to its worldwide community of volunteers, Techfugees deploys its activities, programmes and events, including tens of hackathons and its Global Summit and Challenges, in more than 18 countries across Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Africa.