FAIRE, Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs, would like to shine a spotlight on our partners and some entrepreneurs we’ve had the chance to meet. As such, we’re pleased to present a series of articles about engaged organizations, refugee entrepreneurs, and their projects where we found innovation, impact, integrity and inclusion.

Tomorrow’s Economy Conference: meeting the stakeholders who advocate and take action to create a positive impact on the world

On September 3rd and 4th, FAIRE attended the first edition of the 2019 UEED, the Tomorrow’s economy Conference, organised by #NousSommesDemain, a collective initiated by the MOUVES, which brings together more than 80 organisations committed to a social and ecological transition. 

PLACE : changing the migrant and refugee narrative through innovation

For our latest article, FAIRE shines the spotlight on our partner: PLACE. Active since late 2016, PLACE is a Paris-based project that aims to change the migrant narrative; from a “migrant crisis” to an opportunity for innovation and growth. Founded by the London-based innovation studio, Wow!Labs, PLACE keeps innovation & interculturality at the core of all its activities.

MEnt, entrepreneurship beyond borders

Immigrant entrepreneurs often must work through a long and difficult process to make their ideas heard and get their project off the ground. To help solve this problem, the makesense network launched and ran over a two-year period “Migrant Entrepreneurs” (MEnt), a dynamic and innovative incubation program which gave two groups of immigrants and refugees the chance to launch their entrepreneurial projects by accompanying them on the first leg of their journey.

Yasin’s story: from Somalia to France

Born in 1988 in Somalia, Yasin Abdi Jama is the founder of the Réseau des Exilés de France (REF), a charitable network whose goal is to help asylum seekers become a part of French society and accomplish their administrative tasks. Discover his entrepreneurial journey thanks to our very first interview!

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the latest group of SINGA’s Accelerator Programme

FAIRE, one of SINGA’s partners, recently took part in the closing jury for the most recent class of SINGA’s accelerator programme – Empowered – by The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.  On Tuesday 9 July 2019, FAIRE was invited to participate in the final jury for 8 entrepreneurs.

Réseau des Exilés en France, a platform to support refugee inclusion in France

Newly arrived refugees and migrants don’t always know where to turn for housing, to learn the national language, or to find out how to enter the labour market. Yasin, a young Somali entrepreneur who arrived in France 2 years ago, was confronted with these very issues. Based on his experience and observations, he created REF – Réseau des Exilés en France – a network created for and by refugees.