FAIRE, Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs, would like to shine a spotlight on our partners and some entrepreneurs we’ve had the chance to meet. As such, we’re pleased to present a series of articles about engaged organizations, refugee entrepreneurs, and their projects where we found innovation, impact, integrity and inclusion.

The Observatory of Refugee Camps, an impactful initiative that sheds light on encamped refugees

We had the chance to meet the O-CR team during a Prototyping Lab hosted by our partner PLACE Network, which they attended in order to test and improve their project. Their idea immediately struck us as both brilliant and necessary: establishing an Observatory of Refugee Camps to better understand, act on, and sound the alarm as to the living conditions in refugee camps.

Wintegreat has changed its name to Each One with the aim of helping each individual reach his or her potential

You may have already noticed : Wintegreat has changed its name to ‘Each One.’  
If you don’t already know them,  we’re happy to introduce you to a key player in the support ecosystem for the integration of refugees; one that FAIRE has had the pleasure of meeting.

Interview with Rooh, President of SINGA and founder of

Following Ousmane Bah’s interview, we now turn to Rooh Savar, a recent laureat of FAIRE’s loan program. Rooh will be sharing his personal experience and the story of his company, which puts AI at the heart of decision-making.

AGORA 2020: despite the COVID pandemic, the sector remains mobilised for refugee inclusion

On Thursday 8 October, the third edition of AGORA was held, an event organised by the Diair – French Intergovernmental Agency for Integration and Welcoming of Refugees – which rallies all the actors of the sector working for the welcoming and integration of refugees. The edition, entirely held by videoconference because of COVID19, nonetheless saw the participation of more than 150 people and was placed under the theme “French Regions; gateway to successful integration”.

An interview with Ousmane Bah, founder of Solodou; a new tool to fight against illiteracy

For its new article, FAIRE’s team is proud to feature Ousmane Bah, a talented entrepreneur that we recently have started supporting.
Solodou’s story is inspired by Ousmane’s personal journey to help people learn French.

What does the economic integration of refugees look like post covid19?

The response to the economic integration of migrants and refugees has historically been based on entry-level jobs. It is a response that answers a call for urgency – for urgent income generation and financial autonomy. Although this response may demonstrate some immediate positive impacts for society, the long term positive impact is questionable.

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, FAIRE and SINGA France announce the creation of an emergency fund to support refugee entrepreneurs facing COVID-19 slowdowns.

The entire world, and subsequently the global economy, has been struck by the COVID-19 health crisis. For refugee entrepreneurs, who encounter additional challenges every day, specifically concerning access to networks and funding, the impact of this crisis was twice as detrimental. Aware of these difficulties and wanting to support the extraordinary drive of these entrepreneurs, FAIRE, SINGA France and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations decided to join forces to create an emergency fund in response to COVID-19.

In Midst of the Current Public Health Crisis, SINGA France Launches AlloMondo: A Project to Better Connect Locals with New-Comers

With a vast number of people suffering from severe loneliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner SINGA France has recently launched AlloMondo, a new project to connect refugees with local residents. Let’s take a closer look at this social cohesion project!

Refugee Entrepreneurs: FAIRE conducts its second panel during quarantine!

At the end of last year, FAIRE decided to launch a new programme to directly support refugee entrepreneurs through interest-free loans. The first panel was conducted and decided to support Ghaees Alshorbajy, founder of KaouKab. During quarantine in France, FAIRE continued its operations and was able to conduct a second panel.

Refugee Food Festival: food – a powerful tool to challenge our views about refugees

The Refugee Food Festival was created four years ago in 2016 and is the product of a truly voluntary endeavour. The founders decided to use food and the art of cooking in order to change the way we look at refugees – an objective that is also shared by FAIRE.

Seizing the opportunity of refugee entrepreneurship

As one of FAIRE’s first partners, we wanted to highlight this article, written by PLACE and originally published on Stories of place – an editorial project that explores the intersection between migration, innovation and the future of work.

Elan Interculturel – better understanding diversity to uncover its riches

FAIRE had the opportunity to meet Elan Interculturel through its support for ‘MEnt – Migrant entrepreneurs’ programme run by our partner makesense. These two organisations have worked together to develop support programmes and are continuing their collaboration through the COMBO programme, whose second edition will commence soon. Let’s take a look at this engaged organisation.

Create a website to help build your business – FAIRE organizes its first workshop in partnership with Wix Community.

At the beginning of March, FAIRE held its first workshop targeted at refugee entrepreneurs in partnership with Wix Community. This workshop is the product of a collaboration between several partners who are committed to refugee entrepreneurship, including SINGA Lyon, Adie and Refugee Food Festival.

Ghaees Alshorbajy : the interview of the first entrepreneur funded by FAIRE

In this new article, the FAIRE team is delighted and proud to share the story of Ghaees, the first entrepreneur to benefit from our loan program. Ghaees is passionate about recycling and thus decided to launch his company KaouKab, helping people transform waste into resources!

France on a quest : a large-scale study for reconciling the people

Early February, FAIRE attended the launch event of the large-scale study titled, “France on a Quest: the Reconciliation of a Nation Divided,” by Destin Commun, a French offshoot of More In Common. Serving to change mindsets everyday by advancing public debate, our team was profoundly interested in this study, which provides opportunities for open discussion, looking to defuse debates  and build pathways for strengthening unity among the French. inclusion of refugees in digital technology training

During its first year of operation, FAIRE supported via a donation to the Welcode programme. Let’s take a look at this innovative social business that uses digital technology as a lever for inclusion for populations from underprivileged communities including refugees, who face difficulty finding a job.

CFE – Centre for Entrepreneurs – and FAIRE publish results of refugee entrepreneurship survey

The refugee entrepreneurship survey is the result of an encounter between FAIRE and CFE during the Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit in 2018. It was motivated by the need to be able to obtain and compile information on this important subject.

Techfugees: Technology as a Core Solution for the Inclusion of Refugees

Did you know that 87% of displaced people have access to 2 or 3G on their cellphones?* Technology as such is closely tied to the migratory experience. It allows refugees to stay in touch with their loved ones, get informed, and contributes to their independence. This is the baseline for the work of our partner, Techfugees, who has successfully connected migrants to the world of technology, with the goal of proposing solutions and digital tools that favor their integration within the companies that welcome them.

Marwa’s story : beauty products for all women !

Today, FAIRE is pleased to present Marwa. Originally from Damas she distributes halal cosmetics in France. Let’s meet this inspiring woman who invites us all to follow ours dreams !

The DiAir’s AGORA Forum: a day of exchange and co-construction for the welcoming and integration of refugees

Last month, FAIRE participated in a full day of exchanges and meetings organized by the DiAir: AGORA. After the first edition that gathered more than 200 participants, the second edition of the Agora returned with the same goal: to bring together participants involved in the welcoming and integration of refugees, in order to explore new ways of working together.

Refugee entrepreneurs : all roads lead to Montreuil !

On November 12th, FAIRE attended the inauguration of Montreuil’s new refugee entrepreneur incubator, and was introduced to its first cohort. The project is supported by several organisations including La Ruche, The Human Safety Net, BNP Paribas and the city of Montreuil. Here’s what happened during this exciting event!

Refugee entrepreneurs: FAIRE finances its first entrepreneur following launch of loan program

A few weeks ago, FAIRE – the Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs – conducted its first panel to support refugee entrepreneurs. Here’s a snapshot of the event that marks the start of a whole new initiative for FAIRE!

Haitham’s story : let’s meet a Chef with a passion for cooking!

Haitham Karachay is truly a cooking enthusiast. Forced to flee from his country, Syria, he didn’t hesitate to take the plunge and follow his true passion : cooking. An exciting way to make a fresh start in France !

SINGA, a global network of local initiatives connecting newcomers and locals

Are you a citizen, entrepreneur, newcomer, or organization looking to transform society starting with your city or company? Say hello to SINGA, a citizen movement aiming to build bridges between newcomers and their host communities. Supported by FAIRE, SINGA shows the signs of a high-potential social, professional and entrepreneurial movement

Tomorrow’s Economy Conference: meeting the stakeholders who advocate and take action to create a positive impact on the world

On September 3rd and 4th, FAIRE attended the first edition of the 2019 UEED, the Tomorrow’s economy Conference, organised by #NousSommesDemain, a collective initiated by the MOUVES, which brings together more than 80 organisations committed to a social and ecological transition. 

PLACE : changing the migrant and refugee narrative through innovation

For our latest article, FAIRE shines the spotlight on our partner: PLACE. Active since late 2016, PLACE is a Paris-based project that aims to change the migrant narrative; from a “migrant crisis” to an opportunity for innovation and growth. Founded by the London-based innovation studio, Wow!Labs, PLACE keeps innovation & interculturality at the core of all its activities.

MEnt, entrepreneurship beyond borders

Immigrant entrepreneurs often must work through a long and difficult process to make their ideas heard and get their project off the ground. To help solve this problem, the makesense network launched and ran over a two-year period “Migrant Entrepreneurs” (MEnt), a dynamic and innovative incubation program which gave two groups of immigrants and refugees the chance to launch their entrepreneurial projects by accompanying them on the first leg of their journey.

Yasin’s story: from Somalia to France

Born in 1988 in Somalia, Yasin Abdi Jama is the founder of the Réseau des Exilés de France (REF), a charitable network whose goal is to help asylum seekers become a part of French society and accomplish their administrative tasks. Discover his entrepreneurial journey thanks to our very first interview!

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the latest group of SINGA’s Accelerator Programme

FAIRE, one of SINGA’s partners, recently took part in the closing jury for the most recent class of SINGA’s accelerator programme – Empowered – by The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.  On Tuesday 9 July 2019, FAIRE was invited to participate in the final jury for 8 entrepreneurs.

Réseau des Exilés en France, a platform to support refugee inclusion in France

Newly arrived refugees and migrants don’t always know where to turn for housing, to learn the national language, or to find out how to enter the labour market. Yasin, a young Somali entrepreneur who arrived in France 2 years ago, was confronted with these very issues. Based on his experience and observations, he created REF – Réseau des Exilés en France – a network created for and by refugees.