FAIRE (Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs) is located in Paris, France.

Office: +33 (0) 1 88 32 74 03.
Contact [at] faire [point] eu

FAIRE’s financial support programme is restricted to France and focused on two areas:

  • A donation policy that support organisations working with refugee, migrant entrepreneurs (pre-incubation, incubation).
  • FAIRE also supports refugee entrepreneurs with their start-ups via a programme of 0% loans, that can range from 5 000 to 30 000 euros. Equity investments may be possible at a later date, but only for candidates who have been granted loans.

Our focus is on businesses that aim to become medium or large-scale enterprises regardless of the sector.

Despite the many worthwhile projects that exist today; we are not currently accepting spontaneous requests for donations. Thank you.

If you feel you have a start-up business concept that matches the above criteria, please fill out this document, and send it to contact(at)faire(dot)eu

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